Programs & Curriculum - Preschool


Energetic and inventive preschoolers build on the discoveries of their toddler years. They are increasingly able to make their own plans, engage in collaborative play and solve their own problems. Our teachers offer ample opportunities for children to set meaningful goals, learn important skills and concepts through play, and become socially and emotionally competent.


HighScope is an Active Learning approach that stresses the importance of a child's initiative and decision making skills.
Important components of your child's daily schedule include HighScope's:
 PLAN-DO-REVIEW sequence:  
Teachers help each child (1) make a plan regarding their play activities, (2) carry out their plan as they work with materials of their choice and (3) recall their activities with a teacher and a small group of friends. This unique process helps children connect their choices to outcomes. Helping children develop critical thinking skills as they follow their own interests ensures a positive attitude toward learning and problem solving. 
Children meet with their teacher to experiment with materials and solve problems, This is a teacher directed activity meant to highlight a concept. 
Coming together as a class builds a sense of community and belonging.  Time is spent in music and movement, storytelling,and other shared activities.
Weather permitting we play vigorously in the fresh air every day. This is a time to stretch, run, climb, jump, shout and sing! It's also a time to enjoy and appreciate nature, perhaps with some gardening or an up-close look at insects.


Activities we offer suit the age of the children in a particular group and are right for the developmental level of each individual child.
our developmentally appropriate program each day our teachers: 

►  Provide opportunities for art, sand or water play, science and math activities, literacy development, block play, 
      pretend play and working with puzzle and fine motor toys
►  Encourage children to think, plan,and make decisions
►  Set the stage for creativity
►  Promote language and literacy through a print-rich environment, reading stories, using rhymes, and encourage children to use 
      writing materials
►  Foster each child's social and emotional competence
►  Build each child's confidence by continuing to promote self-help skills



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