Quality Assurance - School Readiness


Our HighScope® approach to early childhood education produces results! Children from our program enter school ready to succeed! They possess more advanced language and literacy skills, better early math skills, more emotional health and social competence and more general knowledge and cognitive skills. In addition, our children exhibit not only academic skills but also better learning habits and attitudes. Creativity, curiosity and persistence at tasks enhance their school experience and future development. 

The National School Readiness Indicators Initiative, a 17 state partnership including Colorado, finds that high quality early childhood programs support the 5 domains of school readiness:

►  Physical Well-Being and Motor Skills: Healthy children with large motor skills and fine motor eye-hand coordination have greater success with academic development. 

►  Social and Emotional Development: Children's school experience is more positive and productive when they can socially interact with others. 
Readiness also includes the ability to understand the feelings of others, as well as being able to interpret and express their own feelings. 

►  Language and Literacy Development: Language proficiency and early literacy skills are a key predictor of children's reading and comprehension abilities throughout their lifetime. These early literacy skills include vocabulary, speaking, listening, story sense. early writing and connecting letters to sounds.

►  Cognition and General Knowledge: Offering children a wide choice of experiences in the Infant and Toddler programs and Preschool and Pre-K helps make children ready to acquire new knowledge and information. Through early cognitive development at Commerce Children's Center children have already learned to observe, note similarities and differences, solve problems and ask questions.

►  Approaches to Learning: School success heavily depends on learning styles, good habits and positive attitudes. Children must be ready to listen, follow directions and cooperate. 



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